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Just a few of our Hot Sauces

Acid Rain #10 (to the 10th degree)- Limited Edition - comes in a special wooden box-
Danger ... Extremely hot. Use sparingly. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive area. Use at your own risk. The Hottest Sauce Anywhere. ANYWHERE! Bubbling just under the Top 20 Hot List.  Good Luck!

Ingredients: Hatari pepper, Habaņero peppers, Piquin peppers, Ring of Fire, Peri-Peri, Tepin and Jalapeņo peppers as well as garlic, ginger, spices, salt, lemon, lime and orange juices & vinegar.

African Rhino Peri-Peri "Extra Hot" Pepper Sauce -

 This will run you down and stick its horn in ya like the wild beast Rhino. The exotic Peri-Peri is Africa's hottest chili pepper. Strains from Botswana and Mozambique are grown exclusively for the Kalahari Pepper Company so you, too, can experience the soul of Africa's "Great Thirstland," the Kalahari Desert.

This sauce is great on all meats, seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes.

No Fat, No Carb Ingredients: roasted tomatoes, onion, cider vinegar, lemon juice, Peri-Peri chili peppers, canola oil, roasted garlic, sugar, salt & spices

Alien Anal - Probe Xtra Terestial Hot Sauce - Bone Home!

Anal encounters of the fiery kind!

No Sugar Ingredients: Cayenne pepper, salt, oleoresin Cayenne, starch & caramel color.


ANALize This - XXX Garlic Hot Sauce.

This sauce will have you by the pants. "It doesn't take a genius, but a chile head, to figure out what's wrong with your sphincter. Come on!  After chuggin' down a bottle of hot sauce (especially this one) what the heck do you expect your rectum to do! If you make it suffer, it's going to make you suffer. P.S. You won't have any butt hairs left for dingleberries to cling to." Great graphics on label.

No Calorie, No Fat, No Cholesterol, No Carb, No Sugar Ingredients: Habaņero peppers, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, crushed tomatoes, Key lime juice, clam juice, Worcestershire, honey, carrots, fresh onions, ginger, cilantro and spices.

Arrogant Bastard Oaked Ale - Chipotle Hot Sauce - 5oz

A sauce almost as big as the beer that's in it - ALMOST. Merciful beings that we are, we chose to utilize none other than habanero's to dilute it. If you're tasting this hot sauce as you read this, you either love habanero's or you just love a bet. (not yet personally familiar with habaneros? No matter, its a s-h-o-r-t learning curve.) Double Bastard Ale Double Burn Habanero is a surprisingly wee-balanced hot sauce to those fire eaters who love habanero's, and a singular pain to those who are unworthy.

Ingredients: Double Batard Ale, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Honey, Lemon juice, Evaporated Cane juice, Salt, Garlic Powder, Crushed Red Pepper, Capsicum, Habanero Pepper Powder, Soybean Oil.

From: California

Product Information
Baboon Ass Gone Rabid Hot Sauce - "Once bitten survival is unlikely!"

The demented, psychotic cousin of Baboon Ass Habaņero Hot Sauce. With five times the bite, this baboon has gone totally RABID! You get the same amazing flavor with the face numbing heat of pure Chile extract. Work yourself, or your friends, into a frothing, drooling mess of hysterical madness. Can you tame this crazed simian?

Use extreme caution when consuming this product. Side effects may include, but are not limited to: screaming, crying, sweating, blurry vision, hallucinations, psychosis, frothing at the mouth and a bright red "Baboon Ass"!

Baboon Ass Brand gourmet sauces are produced in small batches to preserve the original chef created recipes and never contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

All Natural, No Sugar, No Carb, Low Sodium Ingredients: Onion, peppers, cider vinegar, carrot, raspberry vinegar, tomato, soybean oil, roasted garlic, lime juice concentrate, soy sauce, chili, spices, salt, cilantro, canola oil

Black Mamba Venomous Hot Sauce

 Its Bite is deadly! A blend of Chocolate Habaņeros (their heat rivals the Red Savina pepper) and a blend of extracts that make this one of the HOTTEST sauces! Beware the bite of the Black Mamba! Ranked #7 on our Top 20 List.

2005 Houston Hot Sauce Festival - 2nd Place Hottest Sauce

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Keep away from children and pets! USE RESPONSIBLY!!!!!!!

Ingredients: Chocolate Habaņeros, vinegar and Capsaicin.

From Ohio

Blair Q Heat Habaņero Mango Sauce -

 Did you know our funky "Q" symbol is the scientific symbol for heat? Heat...Hand Selected Chilies, Soulful Sauces.... The smooth tropical taste is like none other. This sauce is jam packed with fresh Orange Habaņeros, with their vibrant color and citrus-like heat. Pure mango puree is the secret to this slightly sweet heat.

Q - Quick Tip Party Dip Mix:
Equal parts sour cream and cream cheese. Add Heat Habaņero Mango to taste. Serve with crudite and toasted pita points.

Ingredients: Habanero chilies, mango pulp, corn syrup, honey, vinegar, cane sugar, carrots, cayenne chilies, modified corn starch, tomato paste, lime juice, onion, vitamin C, spices, garlic powder, 

From New Jersey

Blair Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea Exotic Hot Sauce -

"Did you know our funky "Q" symbol is the scientific symbol for heat? Heat... Hand Selected Chilies,........Soulful Sauces...... Hot sauce goes Far East with this far out flavor. Lots of fresh Jalapeņos are mixed with Wasabi Rhizome, the Japanese horseradish, and real ginger to make a sauce great on everything from steak to sushi."

Ingredients: soybean oil, Jalapeņo chilies, cane sugar, white vinegar, fresh tomatillo, Wasabi Rhizome, salt, lime juice, cilantro, ginger, mustard powder, green tea leaf, vitamin C, garlic powder, onion powder.

From New Jersey.

Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce - Garlic -

Start Your Engines! You are about to enter the Hot Sauce Speed Zone. Shift into high gear and experience the thrills and excitement of 200 mph Smokin' Garlic Habaņero Hot Taste. Some fans think the wreck on the track brought out the "Caution." Wrong! It was "Burning Asphalt Hot Sauce!!!" Guaranteed to put you in the "Winner's Circle".

Using only the best quality fresh ingredients, this unique blend of fresh carrots, onions, garlic, and a hint of lime juice with Habaņero peppers has resulted in a highly praised hot sauce that harmonizes heat and flavor without being overpowering.
Burning Asphalt Garlic Habaņero Hot Sauce allows you to spice your food without drowning out the original flavor. A true garlic zip with Habaņero fire! Excellent on pasta and fish. This sauce also makes a great marinade before grilling.

"Racing is dangerous, but safer then burning asphalt hot sauce!"

Heat level is 8 on a 10 point scale.

Ingredients: Habanero peppers, vinegar, fresh carrots, fresh onions, fresh garlic, modified food starch, salt, lime juice concentrate, spices.

From New York

Busha Browne's Spicy Tomato Love Apple Sauce -

 The tomato was historically known as the "love apple" as it was considered to contain aphrodisiac properties. This delicious blend of ingredients is made from natural ingredients with no preservatives.
A piquant sauce which transforms cold meats, hamburgers, and steaks and adds a spicy zip to shellfish & pasta dishes.

No Fat, No Cholesterol Ingredients: tomatoes, cane sugar, cane vinegar, rehydrated onion, Scotch Bonnet peppers, garlic, salt, basil & allspice.

From Jamaica.

CaJohns Gourmet Serrano-Lime Hot Sauce -

 The great taste and medium heat of the Serrano chile with the earthy flavor of our chile lime seasoning. Add the robust flavor of roasted garlic and a hint of cumin, and you have a wonderful Southwestern sauce that's great on Tex Mex or Mexican dishes.

Ingredients: Serrano Chilies, apple cider vinegar, Ancho chilies, New Mex chilies, lime zest, roasted garlic, cumin.

Now that was just a few of our Hot Sauces....

How about a few of our Salsa's?.....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Chesapeake Challenge Salsa.

This salsa will bite you back! Look out! It is Blended with the hottest pepper in the world, the Habaņero. Try adding this to any dish to heat things up. Add to cheese, dirty rice, chili and excellent with taco's or burritos. It will give you a bite like never before, but will keep you coming back for more and more!
1998 National Champion Salsa 1st Place Food Distribution Magazine National Salsa Shoot-Out
1997 2nd Place Jammin Ammon Florida Salsa Shootout

No Fat, All Natural, No Cholesterol Ingredients: Ripe tomatoes, Jalapeņo peppers, onions, green peppers, Habaņero peppers, salt, garlic, crushed red peppers, green onion and cilantro.

Crazy Jerry's Biker Trash Crankcase Salsa

 is made with black beans, fresh Jalapeņo peppers and tomatillos (green Spanish tomatoes). CJ threw in roasted green chilies, fresh garlic and cilantro into the mix and rode out with some great "biker" chow. Put this in your saddlebags, then later grab some chips and a little something to drink and you're there.

Made by a Biker for Bikers... and normal folk...

1. Pull over
2. Get chips
3. Eat!!

Ride Safe and Have a Great Day

Ingredients: black beans, fresh Jalapeņo peppers, Tomatillo, nacho sliced Jalapeņo peppers, roasted green chiles, vinegar, fresh garlic, cilantro, onions, garlic powder and spices.

From: Georgia

D.L. Jardine's Queso Caliente Cheese Salsa & Dip

has a spice kick you'd expect from Texas! This Queso smolders with Chipotle peppers, hot enough to warm your mouth, but not too hot to enjoy. Try as a dip for chips right out of the jar or heated. Great on baked potatoes, nachos and enchiladas. Perfect for adding a spicy Tex-Mex flavor.

Ingredients: tomatoes, cheese mix, whey, soybean oil, Chipotle peppers, onions, green chiles, Poblano peppers, Jalapeņo peppers, Green Bell Peppers, salt, Red Bell peppers, garlic powder, annatto, spices.

From Texas

Jardine's Raspberry Chardonnay Salsa -

This salsa "blends the flavor of fresh raspberries with just a splash of Chardonnay wine in a mild tomato based salsa. We've used the freshest ingredients available to bring you this exclusive formula from the Jardine kitchen. This is the most exciting new flavor to come down the trail in years."

Awards: 2002 Texas Fiery Foods Show Shoot-Out Product Competition, won 1st Place in the Fruit Salsa Category.

Ingredients: red sun ripened tomatoes, raspberries, fresh onions, green chiles, sugar, tomato paste, Chardonnay wine, Jalapeņo peppers, vinegar, brown sugar, salt, lime juice, natural raspberry flavor, garlic, Chipotle peppers & spices. All natural.

Peppers Chipotle Smoked Corn Blue Crab Salsa -

This fusion salsa combines the taste and tradition of a fine Southwest Style with the mouthwatering addition of Maryland Blue crab meat and smoked corn. The end result is a chunky, full flavor salsa, brimming with taste and ready to eat. Serve with warmed tortillas or over scrambled eggs, as a side dish, or right out of the jar with a bag of chips!

2005 NBBQA National Champion! Won 1st Place - Best Salsa
2004 National Barbecue Association Award of Excellence, National Champion in the Salsa / Any Thing Goes Category.

No Fat Ingredients: Diced Tomatoes, Maryland Blue Crab Meat, Sweet Yellow Corn, Finely Chopped Green Bell Peppers, Lime Juice, Smoked Chipotle Peppers, Minced Green Chili Peppers, Worcestershire Sauce, a Special Blend of Herbs and Spices and Salt.

Peppers Original Blue Crab Salsa -

 Enjoy the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay! The sweet flavor of the Blue Crab combined with fresh ripe vegetables makes for an exquisite salsa. Use it as a dip or to enhance seafood dishes, omelets, salads and grilled meats.

No Fat Ingredients: diced tomatoes, Blue crab meat, diced Green Bell peppers, lime juice, Chile peppers, Worcestershire sauce, a special blend of herbs and spices & salt.

Peppers Peach and Vidalia Onion Salsa ...

If you like our world famous Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce, you'll love our Peach and Vidalia Onion Salsa! Mild, sweet and oh, so tasty! A fantastic cooking salsa or great as a dipping salsa or as a side dish. Made with authentic Georgia grown Vidalia onions.

No Fat Ingredients: Peaches, cane sugar, Vidalia Onions, vinegar, salt, red bell pepper, Jalapeņo peppers, garlic powder, chili powder, cilantro.

Peppers Pineapple and Mango Salsa -

A provocative blend of chunk pineapple and ripened mango are crafted into a selection of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices to bring you this tropical treasure of taste. Perfect for casual entertaining or serve atop grilled fish!

All Natural, No Preservative, No Fat, No Cholesterol Ingredients: diced tomatoes, pineapple, mangoes, lime juice, cilantro, garlic, Jalapeņo peppers, sugar, spices and salt.

Peppers Smoked Corn and Black Bean Salsa -

Smoked sweet yellow corn and hearty beans are artfully crafted together with vine ripened tomatoes and hand selected spices for a no fat, hearty salsa with BIG FLAVOR!

All Natural, No Preservative, No Fat, No Cholesterol, No Sugar Ingredients: diced tomatoes, yellow corn, black beans, diced onions, diced green chiles, cider vinegar, lime juice, Jalapeņo peppers, spices, herbs and salt.

Bar-B-Que Sauce you want????

BBQ Sauces

Bone Suckin' Barbecue Sauce - Original Thinner Style -
Western North Carolina tomato based sauce sweetened with honey and molasses.
Best Seller among specialty stores, health food stores, grocery stores and restaurants.

#1 BBQ Sauce - Newsweek, A+ - Health Magazine

The serious barbecue, grilling & marinating sauce for land & sea. Use liberally for that Bone Suckin' flavor!
Great for ribs, beef, pork, chicken, seafood, pasta, vegetables, grilling fish, marinating, BBQ, dipping or stir fry.

1st Place Winner Battle of Sauces & Best in Sales in Winner's Circle

All Natural, Fat Free, Gluten Free, Certified Kosher: tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, honey, molasses, mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, onions, garlic, peppers, hickory smoke flavor, spices and salt.

Dinosaur Roasted Garlic Honey Bar B Que Sauce -

 "This is it, we got the goods! You'll flip your wig over the depth & punch of our new premium slathering sauce. All natural honey, workin' hard with fresh roasted garlic & our signature Dinosaur spices deliver a whole lot of HUB-BUB
for you & your vittles." Check out The Dinosaur Restaurant cookbook with over 100 mouth watering recipes! You are guaranteed to find something new to tantalize your taste buds.

Fat Free Ingredients include: tomato sauce, honey, prepared mustard, brown sugar, Cayenne peppers, roasted garlic, vinegar, natural smoke flavor, salt & spices.

From New York

Dr. Pepper Sweet & Kickin' BBQ Sauce -
Give your BBQ a kick with the 23 flavors of Dr. Pepper combined with the slow-simmered, sweet and spicy seasoning. Our BBQ sauce is perfect for basting, marinating, or dipping. Experience the big, bold flavor of the Dr. Pepper taste you love in every bite.

Ingredients: high fructose corn syrup, tomato paste, distilled vinegar, modified corn starch, molasses, salt, spices, natural and artificial flavors, fruit concentrate, smoke flavor.

From West Virginia

Fat Bastard Gourmet Bearbite Forest Fruit Hot Wild Berry Barbecue Sauce.

Male Ethics: The universal compensation for buddies who help you move is Barbecue and Beer. The formula is as follows: (hours of labor) X (number of boxes) X (flight of stairs) divided by dollars, in hundreds, of damages to belongings equals type of grilling meat and number of beers owed.

A Male Commandment: You may exaggerate any anecdote told in a bar by 50% without recrimination; beyond that, anyone within earshot is allowed to call you on it.
Exception: When trying to pickup a girl, the exaggeration rate rises to 400%.

2002 Memphis in May -1st Place
2002 Golden Chile Award -1st Place
2002 Best Sauce On The Planet - 1st Place
2003 Two Golden Chile Awards - 1st place
2004 Two Golden Chile Awards - 1st place
2005 Golden Chile Awards -1st Place

Serve direct for dipping or brush on grilled beef, poultry, seafood and game.

Ingredients: tomato puree, blackberries, sugar, vinegar, corn syrup, natural smoke flavor, brown sugar, salt, mustard seed, honey, Cayenne peppers, spices, dried onion, dried garlic, molasses, caramel color, turmeric, anchovies, tamarind, natural blackberry flavor.

From Missouri

J.T. Pappy's Flamin' Gator - Medium heat BBQ, marinade, dippin' sauce.

If you're lookin' for a mouth waterin', brow dabbin' sauce, you found it. Not too hot, not too mild.

Fat Free All Natural Ingredients: Selected Canadian cracked mustard seed, red ripe tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire, blended sugars, triple pepper blend, molasses, soy, natural spices and herbs. Completely vegetarian.

From Oregon

J.T. Pappy's Gator Sauce - A mild BBQ, marinade, dippin' sauce that's good on everything.

If you're lookin' for a grilling or bbq sauce that picks up that smoky flavor and penetrates the meat, then look no more!

Completely Vegetarian. For a tangy bite with real flavor.

Fat Free All Natural Ingredients: Selected cracked mustard seed, red ripe tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire (no anchovy), blended sugars, triple pepper blend, molasses, soy sauce, natural spices and herbs.

From: Oregon

Mountain Man Chipotle BBQ Sauce -
Here is a Barbecue Sauce that carves its own path. This perfect blend of quality ingredients including 12 different spices gives this sauce its unique flavor. We put just the right amount of chipotle peppers to deliver a bit of a kick and a delicious taste to your barbecue. Especially good with shredded pork or beef, ribs, shrimp kabobs, chicken, and it makes a Sloppy Joe mix you will never forget. A little spicy, a little sweet, and absolutely delicious. Live Life on the Edge...

Ingredients: ketchup, honey, mustard, molasses, onions, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, liquid smoke, hot sauce, garlic, spices.

From Florida

Ole Ray's Apple/Cinnamon Barbeque Sauce -

Nothing compares. Great for the entire family. This fruity condiment, a perennial first-place finisher at the NBBQA awards, is made by Ray Greene, a certified Kansas City Barbeque Society judge and an old pro in the sauce world. His advice for great 'cue: Don't be afraid to get messy. "It's good on fingers, or I don't make it", says Greene. Slather it on pork tenderloin. Great in baked beans, pork roasts, ribs and chicken.
For a great marinade or mopping sauce mix equal parts with apple cider vinegar.

2007 National BBQ Association Award Of Excellence, Barbecue Sauce: Fruit Mild Category - 3rd Place
2005 National BBQ Association and People's Choice - 1st Place
2004 National BBQ Association and People's Choice - 1st Place
2004 American Royal Kansas City - 1st Place
2002 National BBQ Association - 1st Place
2001 National BBQ Association - 1st Place

Ingredients: tomatoes, apple jelly, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, corn syrup, molasses, yellow mustard, brown sugar, liquid smoke, Cayenne pepper, caramel, black pepper, cinnamon, garlic powder, onion powder, spices.

From Florida

Peppers Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce -

 This smoky raspberry sweet heat mixes Chipotle peppers with green Jalapeņo peppers. This is a hard to classify hot sauce. We would like to think it makes a great bbq, marinade, or hot sauce. It's great on all white meats & fresh fish. Makes a great dipping sauce for chicken nuggets and mozzarella sticks, too. This award winning sauce is great on wings and most anything you could think of. The use of red raspberries, apple cider vinegar, raspberry puree ensures a quality fruit based, sweet-heat experience.


2005 NBBQA Championship - Won 4th place - BBQ Sauce: Fruit Spicy
2003 International Scovie Awards - First Place Fruit Barbecue Sauce.
2003 Americas Food & Beverage Awards in Miami Beach, FL. Grand Champion - Best Sauce in the Western Hemisphere.
2002 International Champion Chile Pepper Magazine Fiery Food Challenge.
2002 Fiery Foods Magazine Scovie Winner - 2nd Place Fruit Hot Sauce Category.
2002 American Royal International Barbecue Sauce contest - Top 10 Fruit.
2001 National Barbecue Assoc. National Champion - Fruit Barbeque Sauce.
2001 Boston's Pig & Pepper Festival - 2nd Place fruit BBQ Sauce.
2000 Champion Wing Sauce (Raspberry Chicken Wings) Emmaus, PA Festival.
2000 American Royal International Barbecue Sauce Contest - Top 10 Mild Fruit.
1999 1st Place National Barbecue Assoc. - Fruit Based Hot Sauce.
Recently written up in Gourmet News Magazine, Chile Pepper Cooking Zesty Magazine and Fiery Foods & Barbeque Magazine.

No Fat Ingredients: raspberries, cane sugar, Red Bell peppers, red raspberry puree, apple cider vinegar, Jalapeņo peppers, Chipotle peppers, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, salt & black pepper

Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives - 5oz

Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives  - 5oz

Product Information
Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives - Check out these recipes.

Gunslinger Brewski Recipe:
1 bottle of your favorite beer (ice cold)
6 Arizona Gunslinger Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives.
Eat the olives while consuming your beverage. Special Effect: Put olives in beer before eating them.

Gun Slinger Chicken Salad Recipe:
1 1/2 cup cubed chicken breast
2 cup cooked macaroni
2 hard-boiled eggs - chopped
1/2 cup chopped Arizona Gunslinger Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives
3 tbs chopped parsley
2 tbs chopped onions
1 tbs salt
1/2 cup mayonnaise
dash of black pepper
1 cup diced celery

Combine all ingredients; blend thoroughly. Serve on lettuce leaf with sliced tomatoes or on sandwiches.

Ingredients: olives, Jalapeņo peppers, Habaņero peppers, imitation blue cheese, salt, modified food starch, whey, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural & artificial flavors & sugar.

From Arizona

Crazy Jerry's Boot Scootin' Spicy Garlic Mushrooms - 12.5oz

Crazy Jerry's Boot Scootin' Spicy Garlic Mushrooms  - 12.5oz

Product Information

Crazy Jerry's Boot Scootin' Spicy Garlic Mushrooms - Take it from old crazy - when you try one of these here boot scootin' mushrooms, they'll be doing a dosey doe with your taste buds - two stepin' over your tonsils and line dancin' all the way down your throat. They've got a great down home spicy garlic taste that'll make you want to rustle up some more and herd 'em back to the bunkhouse. Just keep a sharp eye out for the local sheriff; 'cause rustlin's against the law.

No Fat, No Cholesterol, No Sugar Ingredients: mushrooms, chopped red pepper relish, white vinegar, dried garlic, red pepper flakes, Jalapeņo peppers, capsum.
From Georgia.

Crazy Jerry's Fried Green 'Maters - 5oz

Crazy Jerry's Fried Green 'Maters  - 5oz

Product Information

Crazy Jerry's Fried Green 'Maters - Not only is my buddy on the label "Fried" - He's downright pickled!!!... In spicy vermouth that is. Use these little green bombs to spice up a martini, bloody mary or just put 'em out at your next shindig for snacking. They're bound to cause a ruckus!

No Fat Ingredients: Tomatoes, vinegar, vermouth, salt, onions, garlic, peppers, spices, natural and artificial flavors.

From Georgia.


Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeņo Olives - 5oz

Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeņo Olives  - 5oz

Product Information

Crazy Jerry's Lizard Eyes Jalapeņo Olives - Have some fun at your next party - serve some Lizard Eyes to your dull friends. Their eyes will pop! Guaranteed.

Sugar-Free Ingredients: olives, Jalapeno peppers, salt.

From Georgia

Garden Fresh Spicy Marinated Garlic - 12oz

Comes in Cajun, Spicy, Roasted Red Pepper and Greek!

Garden Fresh Spicy Marinated Garlic  - 12oz

Product Information
Garden Fresh Spicy Marinated Garlic - All Natural Pickled Garlic.
For over a thousand years Garlic has been one of the most versatile ingredients available. Used fresh, roasted, sauteed, and many other ways. Bodine Etc. would now like to introduce an easy way for you to enjoy garlic in a milder, long lasting, and easy to use form. Add to soups, stews, salads, your favorite dish or right out of the jar!

In a food processor blend one pound of cream cheese with Garden Fresh Garlic (drain all liquid first), mix until smooth and serve with assorted crackers.

No Fat Fat Ingredients: garlic, vinegar, Habaņero peppers, salt and natural spices.

Feel the heat rise with the natural heat of the habanero pepper. Place a clove or two in your Bloody or Dirty Martini for a touch of garlic flavor with heat.

From Florida

Mama Vincente - Bleu Cheese Olives - 16oz

Mama Vincente - Bleu Cheese Olives  - 16oz

Product Information

Mama Vincente - Bleu Cheese Olives

Ingredients: olives, vinegar, cultured milk, skim milk, cream, salt, natural cheese flavor.

From Delaware


Robert Rothschild Farm Caramelized Onion Balsamic Spread - 7 oz

Robert Rothschild Farm Caramelized Onion Balsamic Spread  - 7 oz

Product Information
Robert Rothschild Farm Caramelized Onion Balsamic Spread - Caramelized onions, Balsamic vinegar and crushed red peppers join together for this incredible spread. Perfect to use as a cheese topper - serve with toasted bread for a delightful appetizer. Also great with grilled chicken or fish, or as the base for a goat cheese pizza.

Ingredients: sugar, caramelized onions, cider vinegar, apple juice concentrate, Balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, oil blend (olive oil, canola oil), garlic, crushed red peppers.

From Ohio

Vega Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers - 8oz

Vega Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers  - 8oz

Product Information
Vega Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers - Hand-picked, hand-packed fresh cherry peppers, stuffed with provolone and prosciutto ham, marinated in a distinctive blend of herbs and spices.

Ingredients: cherry peppers, provolone cheese, prosciutto ham.

From Rhode Island


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