CAO Flavorettes Tour

This was a Great Event, and much Thanks go out to the Flavorettes, Kyle, Our CAO Rep, and of Course CAO and our GREAT Customers of Harry Smooths Tobacco Shop for their Great Support!


The "Flavorettes"

CAO Rep "Kyle" and Big Greg

Customers enjoying "The Line"

Aaliyah (Bella Vanilla), Krystal (Earth Nectar)

Mikaeka (Moontrance), Sarah (Gold Honey), and Michelle (Karmasutrasplash)

Harry Smooth doing what Harry Smooth Does...

Andrews Hot Dogs and Beer Brats where A HIT!!!

Moontrance Mikayla

Leah (Eileens Dream) andMilaela (Moontrance)

Big Mike and Friend

Michelle and Paula

Big Greg Thompson

Gary Larkam giving that "Gary Look"

Harry Smooth "Calling the Shots"

Shawn checkin out the inventory

Sarah, Gold Honey

The "Smokin Hot" Girls of CAO

Leah(Eileens Dream) Milaela(Moontrance) Sarah (Gold Honey) Michelle (Karmasutrasplash) Aaliyah(Bella Vanilla) and Krystal(Earth Nectar)

Shawn checkin out what the Moontrance is all about

Fire it up!

The Ladies Love the Flavours!

Laughin it up!!!!!

Harrys Fine Customers

Enjoying Andrews "DAWGS"!!!!



Glenn Snyder...

Bud-Man Frank and Phat Bob!